How to Get a Free Norton Trial

Many people are pondering how to get a free Norton trial, and not having to spend any money at all. Well, the answer is straightforward – assuming you have an Internet connection and are ready to test the software, you can receive the free Norton antivirus trial download in no more than a couple of minutes. Here’s how you will do it…

To get your free Norton antivirus 2021 download, you will need to visit a website which offers free trials, and download the software on your computer. At the time you open the downloaded data file, you will see an icon to close the program box that says “Welcome to Norton Antivirus” (you’ll likewise see this icon on many other totally free antivirus trials as well). You will then arrive at a web page that will request you to enter in some information about your computer. You will probably be asked to select a password, and to click “Go”.

When you click “Go” the program will likely then begin to sort through all of your pc’s files, that will include any kind of viruses or perhaps spyware that may have been positioned on your system. It can then tell you all the files it has found, and what it is going to do when it confirms them. Following it has found the pathogen that it needs to remove from your computer, it will ask you whether or not you intend to run a full system scan to ensure that the free Norton trial pc is working smoothly before it cleans away the contamination from your program.